Will portray your key message, your passion and

your ethos in a promo-film that gets straight to

the heart of what you do

Video ENGAGES better than ANY other medium

You might already have a Website, Facebook page or Instagram account which might be working well for your business, BUT you might still find it difficult to actually show what makes you special.

You want to build trust and show people why they should buy from you or invest in you, your service and your products.

Imagine if you could portray your key message, passion and ethos in a beautiful short film, that gets straight to the heart of what you do.

You can project your warmth, professionalism, quality, passion and ethos to potential clients.

We will achieve the best most effective video, by working together to find the purpose, audience and the key message of your film.

The process will be personal, friendly, professional and most importantly fun. And throughout I will work with you on the concept, scripting and if needed, confidence on or off camera with some gentle direction.

There is a style of video to suit everyone, so you won't be asked to do anything that doesn't rock your boat or that doesn't equate or relate to your core message.

Why invest

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Why choose Stand Out Films?

"I never would have gotten in front of a camera a year ago. Jenny made it fun!

  We really enjoyed the process. I'll definitely be going back to Jenny for an extended version"

Fran Halpin – Artist

60 second promo for her first solo exhibition – The Awakening

"Working with Jenny is precious and it helped us a lot to come out to the light with our creations. Her eye, intuition and incredible ways of coming up with creative solutions is priceless! The best woman to shoot the breeze with. Thank You so much Jenny!"

Lukaszewicz –Kamila Alchemy Holistic Therapies

60 second promo for website and online platforms

Fran trusted me to capture the motivation and inspiration behind her paintings for her first solo exhibition, so together we focused on a nostalgic and sentimental narrative to portray her personal creative journey, along with visuals of her working in her studio, with her family and visiting locations that have meaning for her.  

Kamila and Shea envisaged an abstract dream-like style of  promo-film. We achieved this together by focusing on a descriprive narrative to highlight their services and offerings, along with abstract visuals to symbolise their ethos and represent their holistic values.

                I love to work with like-minded Entrepreneurs

I'm Jenny Keogh and I'm deeply passionate about helping Creators, Makers and Doers, who produce wonderful things and provide excellent services to stand out in their field, by capturing who they are, what they do and the passion behind why they do it!

I believe that small independent businesses are the backbone of the country and deserve as much of a chance to succeed as the bigger guys! A high quality promo-film that represents the value of what you offer to your customers and clients will help you do just this.

I want to help you make the next step into self-promotion, through video, and capture the greatness of your products or services in a way that sometimes just words on a page can't deliver.

I combine my photographic visual skills with my experience in filmmaking & working with real people, to produce tailor made, engaging promo films... all while collaborating with amazing hard-working like-minded people.



                             I have walked in your shoes

I fully appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that go into running a small buisness and being an independent entrepreneur, but the excitement and satisfaction often outweighs!

I'm a trained photographer and have been years working in creative fields as a photographic image maker, have produced my own mixed media exhibitions, sold photographic prints in markets, and as a sole trader I negotiated my way around trade fairs with my photographically designed giftwrap, selling wholesale and retail, on and offline.

The recession hit, so I upskilled and explored another passion of mine and completed a Documentary Filmmaking Course in Filmbase and since then have been on an ever evolving path with the moving image.

I'd love to be part of your journey and to help you tell your story to truly connect with your customers through video.

Filmmaking offered me more scope to engage viewers and build connections with real people in everyday life. Some of my short films have made it around the world online and at National and International film festivals. (http://www.jennykeogh.com ....only if you fancy a gander!)

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set up




Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Client Brief

Client Brief



to tell



Violet asked for a promo film to act as a "call out" to invite people to get involved and participate in her wonderful Repair Project. We collaborated on the script until the message was spot on and I combined it with visuals from her studio, her hand dyeing practice and imagery representing her current project.

Client Brief

"Thankyou Jenny Keogh for making this amazing video for me for #myrepairproject over on Instagram. But that's not the only reason I want to thank her because if she hadn't set upYour 'GOING LIVE' practice ground! There is no way I would ever have been able to speak on camera. It's a great place to practice talking on camera in a small supportive group. So whether you want to .ake a video or simple go live on Facebook....Jenny Koegh is your woman. Thanks Jenny!! X"

Violet Shirran – Textile Artist

60 second promo for her Art Work called The Repair Project

Hello from me!

Client Testimonial

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