Are you like me? I was really nervous when it came to live streaming, speaking on camera and public speaking. I was fine being behind the camera.....but really not fine in front of it! So I started this private Facebook group to try help us poor souls! I believe through group support and with regular practice of pressing that dreaded 'LIVE' or 'RECORD' button, we can all overcome our fears.

The aim is to become more comfortable talking about your business, doing live demos, doing Q&A's, being interviewed, speaking on camera... all without spending the day filled with nerves about having to do it! This is about you and your practice - a safe place without judgement and plenty of support.

We're all in the same boat ....slowly sailing to confidence and ease with live streaming. Let's do this!

Community Testimonials

About the 'GOING LIVE' Practice Group

I set up 'Your GOING LIVE Practice Ground' Community Facebook group in Feb 2018. Here's a little welcome video I was able to record after only 6 weeks practising in the group - a bit shaky but I've improved since!

"Going LIVE has completely changed for me. Now I just think...oh I'll go LIVE on Instagram, and just do it!

Six months ago, that just wouldn't have happened"

Violet Shirran - Textile Artist

"Looking at myself when I started recording LIVE videos, to see where I am now is incredible.

To overcome your fears and emotions, which are often involved in public speaking, this is the perfect environment to do that in"

Kamila Lukaszewicz - Alchemy Holistic Therapies

"Even thinking about Going LIVE, I used to feel really panicky.

Since I've started the group, I've done a series on branding on my business page....and have spoken at and event in the RDS. I would never have done that without the group"

Aisling Griffin - Treetop Studio








We're ALL in the same boat!

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