**These are basic packages and don't include travel costs etc. for outside of the Dublin region***

If you would prefer a promo-film longer than 60 seconds, that is no problem!

Costs will be based on the nature of the project. Get in touch with me for a quote. Payment plans available.

You can see some samples of promo-films on my RECENT PROJECTS page.

Can I afford this investment?

But what about my cash flow?  Isn't video production hugely expensive? Is that what you're thinking?

I realise that this will be one of the more expensive investments that you'll make for your business, but I understand cash flow worries, so I offer sustainable payment plans to help ease this pressure.

For €50 a week you can have your own bespoke promo-film.


The Pre-Production stage is the beginning of the collaboration process. It involves indepth research of your business/service, where we'll work together to get to the heart of your core message and business ethos, which will greatly contribute to the content and atmosphere created in your promo. We'll decide on how best to represent your brand. If you are opting for a voiceover, I will work with you on the script to reflect all of the above.

From this I will come up with a proposal for the concept, style and ideas for visuals and music.


Production: You can leave the filming up to me - and I will give you gentle direction throughout. Think easy-going and professional! Filming days/duration will be based around your schedule as to cause minimal disruption.


Post Production: The magic will happen in the editing suite, where it will all come together. I will send you a draft, and we can discuss any changes to be made, until we get it just right and I send you the final edit!

The process is collaborative and at a pace to suit you and the nature of the project, with a realistic turn around time. Ideally I'll aim to deliver your project within 3 weeks of filming.




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The Process

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